I met Daniel Ratcliffe at a wedding!

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Imagine the situation

Student A
  • You are Daniel Ratcliffe (or any other celebrity) and you are going to a wedding where there are many other celebrities.
  • You meet someone you are really interested in, for whatever reason, and start chatting.

Student B
  • You are "that" person

Think of six questions you would like to ask the other guests. You can use some of the questions in the book, page 13.

Of course, this is a "real" conversation, so you should both ask and answer questions.

Task requirements
Each of you have to speak at least 10 times.

It is compulsory to use at least 4 the following words or phrases:
  • Can't stand
  • Can't wait
  • Meet up
  • Take after
  • Get together
  • Build up
  • Acquaintance
  • Look forward
  • since

You need to use at least one adjective that refers to character and two that refers to physical appearance.

On the day of the exam

You should each hand in a neat handwritten copy of your dialogue to the teacher.

Teacher feedback

If you want your teacher to have a look at your dialogue, you can post it in the wiki, in either of your pages, at least four days before the deadline.

Deadline: Thursday 3 November (Bat A)
Friday 4 November (Bat B)