Titles are necessary because:

  1. A good title grabs the reader's attention (While the opposite is also true, and as your examiner has to read your essay, it is not a good strategy bore her from the beginning.)
  2. It provides a sense of what your essay is about, and in this sense, it makes it easier to follow.

Audience:external image essay_diagram.gif

Essays are usually written for a teacher, perhaps as a follow up of a class activity.


Because essays are written for teachers, the register should be formal.


Their purpose is that students develop ideas and concepts in their writing. Students are expected to use little more than their own thoughts. That is what separated essays from reports and research papers.

You need to:

  • Give opinions
  • Agree and disagree in a formal or neutral register.
  • Choose whether to agree or disagree with the statement provided in the task, or discuss both sides.
  • Plan your paragraphs carefully.
  • Get some practice in writing appropriate opening and closing paragraphs.


Essays can be narrative, expository, descriptive and argumentative .

An essay challenges the student's capacity to synthesize her knowledge, opinions, experience and argument.


Essays need to be:
  • Concise
  • Clear in purpose and direction

Essays have an introduction and conclusion format. The main content, findings, analysis etc. come in between.