Write an informal email about your holidays

You are writing an email about your holidays

First, visualize your reader

- Who are you writing to?
- What is the situation?
  • You are on abroad and your friend is at home
  • You promised to keep in contact...
  • Something extraordinary has happened...
  • Why would your friend be interested in your trip?

email structure:
  • Include a subject line.
  • Greeting
  • After the greeting, make sure you catch up after a break
  • Ask about the reader
  • Talk about you
  • Ask about others
  • End your exchange

Do not forget to divide what you want to say into different topics, in separate paragraphs.

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email style:
  • You must stick to a chatty, colloquial style:
    • Use contractions
      • I'm staying at...
      • I'm not getting much sleep these days...
    • Omit relative pronouns, when possible
    • Use phrasal verbs and idioms (at least four, that should be underlined). You have a big list of them on pages 153-158 at the end of the book.
    • Use questions, admiration marks and practice Let's to make suggestions
      • Let's meet up when I get back!
      • Are you having a good summer?
      • Is the weather good at home?
      • I'm dying to catch up on you summer pick ups!
    • Express an interest on what they are doing

  • Finally, Read your work through carefully and check the spelling and grammar.

Here you have some basic tips for informal emails