Subject: WWOOF volunteering

Dear Sir or Madam.

I have seen your weeb page and I am very interested in the project. It would be great if you could answer some doubts.

At first, I would LIKE TO enquireabuot where is that project locateD. It is right that it sayS “now in more than 70 countries” but I would like to know which countries are involved. Second, could you tell me how can I become a “WWOOFER”? How can I be recognized as one? For last term, I would like to know what are de jobs than have to develop a WWOOF voluntier.

Thank YOU in advance for your attention.

Best regards.


The teenage years are the most important years of your life!

The teenage is the moment when the most of the changes of our body and mind happens. It's without doubt, a time of pain and hapines for all of us and obviusly, so important. Actually, that period is more important than any other for me.

From my point of view, The teenage is the most important moment in the life. It's when, at last, you discover who you are and how you are, is when you meet love by first time, is when the most strongs feelings surface from the inside and is when you become yourself.

I think all the people can remember the feeling of pain and confusion than appear at this age and they can make it so difficult for some people but, it can exist love without pain? Or certainly without confusion? I think the answer to these questions is no, not at all.

Finally, but not less important, I have to say that I don't have so much life appart from chillhod and teenage, this position makes me impossible to talk about how the adults feels. Even so, in my opinion the haven't time to enjoy his freedom, and the children doesn't have freedom to enjoy his time, so teenage is the best moment to enjoy friens and life.

In my opinion teenage are the most important years on a person's life because of all that I had said previusly but how I had sait too, I can't know how the future will be, I'm only talking about my experiances and reflections.

An interesting evening in my home

Because of a football match, my parents had gone out until the night, and I invited my friends to come home in the afternoon to listen to music and have fun. Twenty minutes later, Lisa, Marc and John were ringing the doorbell.

We were already in my house and I took out some food and Lisa put some music. It was really nice. Then, John asked me for the loo but it’s next to my room and he opened the wrong door. At that moment, I felt so embarrassed because it was a slightly messy; luckily, he didn’t pay attention. All of a sudden, Marc had become the disc jockey and he was dancing thirty years old music while Lisa was filming him, it was ridiculously funny. It’s fascinating how he had learned all the lyrics of these songs. After two hours and a half, he finished, obviously exhausted his show. At last, they returned home and left me alone waiting for my parents.

Before, we used to walk around the city, and it was enjoyable but that evening with my best friends have been… well, we can say “interesting”, one of the most interesting days with them. I think that we all would to live it again.

General comment: Good vocabulary range :-)

Hi Sofia.
How are you? I would like to catch up about you.
I'm still in the town. Are you having fun? I'm . I'm with my family but I have known some people heree get on and I spend almost all the day with them. The place is so beautiful, there is a lot of vegetation, and what to say about te pool? It's amazing, there is even a springboard! I love it !
The landscape and the swimming pool are not the only incredible things that this place has. This week there is a party every day, at night. They are so fun. It comes a litle orchestra that plays so diferent tipes of music during the night. By one hand is really fun but by the other I don't have much time to sleep. This all is amazing, and my new friends are so lovely, we laugh a lot and I'm really happy for be there, but this is ending up. There are only one inconvenient, I'm sure about you now it, It's you, I wish that you can be with me, I'm sorry about you can't.
The town is amazing and I'm having fun, but don't think that I'm forgetting you. I really love this place but, even so, I want get back to se you. There's only one week left, I will see you soon.