Subject: WWOOF Volunteering

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this to ask about the advert of Wolf Sanctuary in Portugal that I read on the website.

I am so interested in this volunteering and it would be great if you could give me more information. First of all I would like to know in which countries are volunteering opportunities. Secondly, could you tell me what work do volunteers do?

Finally, I would like to get the summer programme.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Alba Espinar.

The teenage years are the most important years of your life!

There are too many people who say that they want to be a child again, but in my opinion, the teenage years are the best time in your live.
There are many facts in favor of my opinion. One such fact is that when you are a child, everything is funny and awesome, but you are totally dependent of your fathers and you can’t do anything without their permission. But when you are an adult and you are independent of your parents, you have to work hard to keep your live on the right way. Finally, when you have around 70 years old and you don’t have to work or study, you don’t have the energy necessary to travel or to hang out with friends. When you are a teenager, maybe you don’t have a lot of money, but is not necessary to have fun, you have time, energy and a lot of things to do with your friends, your family or your partner, and this things will be the most important in your live.
For all the things I said in this text, I think that the teenage years are the bests and the most important on you live.

An informal e-mail

From: Alba Espinar
To: Sara Pérez

Hi Sara!
What’s up?

I’m in Sevilla right now with my family, some friends and… A very special person. You don’t know that but… We come back tomorrow! OMG, I know that it’s so hurried but, can we arrange to meet tomorrow afternoon? I want that you knows who is my new BAE. We have been going out for two weeks and he is awesome.

Well, I want to explain you another thing. The other day, I was working out, and I dropped in to see Mario on my way home. I hadn't seen him from years! It was so cool.

Tomorrow I will explain you everything about Chris (my BAE) but now I’m going to go to the cinema with him. See you soon!


Essay about advantages and disadvantages of taking holidays in your own country

Is it better to go on holidays in your own country or abroad? Well, it depends, if we look the impact on the environment, its better go on holidays to another country, because probably, you want to visit a lot of cities and monuments, and for this you can go on by public transport, but I think that if you are in your own country, the most likely is that you go on your car.

On the other hand, if you are looking for helping the economy, go to another country it’s very expensive, but is the best way to mobilize the economy.

I think that, if we can, we should go abroad, that is the only way to meet another culture, or another type of person, and this is so important for me.

A narrative: The Halloween party

The 1st of November I was at home read an interesting book when my best friend of primary school sent me a “whatsapp” asking me if I wantED to went to an awesome Halloween party in her hoUse. First I wasn’t sure to go because I didn’t know anybody and maybe that’s a little weird, but finally I acceptED.

I went slowly to my friend’s house because I had a lot of time. When I arrived, I saw two blond guys, walking happily in the same direction as me, un old man talked to them violently, in that moment I saw my friend walking ferociously to that site, I followED her, and I listened the de old man was punishing them because the guys were homosexual. My friend and I defended them, and finally, de old man left quickly.

Finally, we invited the guys to the party and we spent a very good time together.

General comment: I think you can do much better