Write a formal letter to complain about one of the situations in page 63 in your textbook.

Make sure you state clearly:external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmG-zAai-BIyNSfzcf3a96lHtGxzQ9mvb2XIh2u1PV8Zd9cpcC
  • Paragraph 1
    • What you are complaining about. You should provide concrete evidence and be as specific as possible.
  • Paragraph 2
    • Why the company's behaviour is unethical
  • Paragraph 3
    • What actions you are going to take
  • Paragraph 4
    • What you hope the company will do

Remember this is a formal letter, so you should use a formal register. Even though you are complaining, you should stay calm and be assertive.

Check the photocopies about formal and informal registers that we discussed in class.

You will lose marks if you do not use the proper layout. Check that you have, reviewing the exam strategy section in page 62.

Use at least three phrases from the link below.

Deadline: Tuesday 29th March.

Letter of complaint - phrases