A place - Marta

A place - Manu

A place - Marc

A place - Jose

A place - María

A place - Inés

A place - Jorge

A place - Mónica

A place - Ana

A place - Adrián

A place - Raúl Martínez

A place - Raúl Méndez

A place - David

A place - Anas

A place - Manel

A place - Jeimy

A place - Danny

A place - Carlos

A description of Barcelona

A very important customer is visiting Barcelona for the first time.
You want to describe your city to him.
Yo can talk about Barcelona in general, or focus on a particular aspect.
You cannot talk about a single monument.
You have to write something a bit formal, because you are not talking to a friend.
That means you should not use contractions or informal expressions.

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Write 100 to 150 words.Deadline: Monday, 3rd February at 11:59 P.M
Follow the example of the book (page 50).
You also have an extra model and some tips and useful expression in page 158.

Your description should have:

  • An opening paragraph
  • A body
  • A closing paragraph
  • Do not forget to use descriptive adjectives.
  • Remember adjectives never take the plural in English.

Criteria for Assessment - Description of a Place