You are going to write a for and against essay to answer the question "People shouldn't be able to drive a car until they are 20"

  • Start your article by outlining what you want to discuss,
  • then describe the arguments of the people who are in favour and against the topic. You should develop equal attention to both sides.
  • Finally, give your opinion at the end of the article.The final conclusion has to reflect your opinion about the issue.

As the language was provided to you, this composition will assess you for coherence, cohesion and structure, as well as communicative achievement.

Deadline: 10/12
Number of words: 100-120
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Your essay should include
  • A tittle
  • An opening paragraph that states the issue
  • one paragraph that presents the arguments for and another with the arguments against, with examples.
  • A closing paragraph where you state your opinion.
  • Make sure that the ideas are connected and the text is well organized. For that purpose, include a number of (at least three) connectors of contrast (on the other hand / but / however / although / nevertheless / yet / still / even if / even though / in spite of / despite...), and some connectors of addition (Furthermore, similarly, what is more, moreover, additionally...).

Example and exercises from the BBC