Write about something interesting you did in your free time recently. You can choose between

  • An interesting day out
  • An interesting evening in
  • An interesting new hobby


Narratives follow a storyline, so they must have a clear....

beginning- where you Set the scene (paragraph 1)

  • Where
  • Why
  • Who was involved?

Middle - Where you develop the story (paragraph 2)

  • How did it all start?
  • What was the sequence of event?
  • How did it all end

End - Where you finish the story (paragraph 3)

  • What are the consequences of these facts?
  • How do the people involved feel about it?
  • How do you feel about it?

Use of adverbs - Compare:

“The man quickly got in the car. He peacefully drove his car to the old house. He happily walked up to the door and swiftly knocked on it. The door opened immediately.”
“The man angrily got in the car. He frantically drove his car to the old house. He ferociously walked up to the door and loudly knocked on it. The door opened violently.”

Task instructions:

  • Go to "Our writing productions", click on your page and write your narrative there.
  • You will get a better mark if you use more than three past verb tenses.
  • Use at least six adjectives from pages 22 and 24 - Underline them
  • Use at least 5 adverbs that make your adjectives more vivid and easy to read. Underline them.

1st Batx. A : Deadline: 4 December.
All the compositions will be corrected by the teacher on the 7th, and you will have till the 9th to complete your second drafts.
This mark is an exam mark